Definition of EQ in jQuery with best Examples

EQ() in jQuery

What is EQ in jQuery? In simple Terms from a larger set of elements, EQ in jQuery helps you to select or locate the particular element and returns an element with a specific index number. Now you can change the attributes of that element like color, size etc. Please Note:Index numbers start at 0, so … Read more

How can we make best Accordion using jQuery?

How can we make Accordion using jquery?

Before jumping to how to make an Accordion using jQuery, we should first know what is Accordion on a website and why we use it? What is Accordion on the Website? Accordion in the website is like vertical blocks or lists, and with the help of these blocks or lists, we can show or hide … Read more

What is jQuery and why use jQuery for Best You Need To Know

Why use Jquery

If you are Searching for why use jQuery, then read this post carefully. In Simple Terms, jQuery is a library programmed in JavaScript language. As everybody knows, JavaScript is somewhat tricky to use, So jQuery helps us to use JavaScript in a more easy way. In other words, jQuery Simplifies JavaScript Programming. Syntax of Jquery … Read more